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RSS feeds and LaTeX images

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    I don't know if this is the forum to write this, but I would just like to give firstly some encouragement to the moderators of Physics Forums : you are doing a great job! This is a remarkable resource.

    I have subscribed to several of the RSS feeds for the forums, which I find very handy especially with Google Reader.

    However, just one complaint: when I look at the RSS feeds, the LaTeX generated graphics don't appear. It seems that the server actually doesn't generate them or that they are somehow blocked when accessing them from Google Reader. Is there anything that I can configure on my computer to enable these graphics?
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    Yeah. I've experienced the same thing. Perhaps the admins. have set it that way to lessen the load on the PF servers.
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    They're inline images, and should work like any inline images from any other source.

    - Warren
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    We have disabled "hot-linking" of images to prevent bandwidth stealing. That might be what is causing your problems. Once you see a topic of interest just hop over here to the real deal :)
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