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Homework Help: Rubber Band Powered Mass Transporter

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    I need help. I need to design a device to transport a 1kg pass ten meters over a level surface using the energy stored in a #10 rubber band.

    I decided to use three wheels at the structure, and i created a car with a basswood top and the rubber band is wounded up at the rear axel to get power. however when i release it, there isnt enough power to move it.

    any suggestions on what kind of design i should do? how i should build it? i really need help!
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    Is there a limit to the number of rubber bands you can use? Your big problem will be mass and friction. There just isn't enough potential energy in the rubber band to move something that heavy. If you can only use one rubber band, then you'll need to make your cart lighter somehow. Either make it smaller, or use lighter materials.
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    Hope this aint too late but anyway im doing same sort of project.
    Like the other guy sais, the lighter the better right and if you can only use one rubber band you're gonna need some serious gear ratios, i.e. attach ur rubber band to a un-attatched axle with a large gear on it that connects to a small gear on the actual axle (the one attatched to the wheels). Although that would give you greater distance it might be insufficiant torque in which case do the opposite and have the large gear attatched to the working' axle. The other way to make the most of your rubber band is to twist it as oppose to stretch it.
    Check this out; http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?i...a=N&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&tbs=isch:1

    Perfect example, or just google twisted rubber band and you'll see what i mean.
    Hope that helps and for enyone else too,
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