Rube goldberg machine?

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hey everybody, I have a project due in a couple weeks, and I have to make a Rube Goldberg machine. can someone give me tips on how to make a simple one? it has to include levers and pulleys.


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What do you want this machine to accomplish? Levers and pulleys, is that ALL? I think you need to decide on at least what you want your machine to accomplish, and then work from there.
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there are some cool videos online to give you an idea of what you can do.

I think you should make a machine like in family guy that "makes breakfast":biggrin:

Here are a few links to videos(video links contain no foul language or innapropriate images): [Broken]

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oh,i forgot to include wheels and axles, inclined planes, wedges, and screws
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can someone give me tips on how to make a simple one?

If it's simple, it isn't a Rube Goldberg device. That's the whole point.
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Allright, i have everything except the screw. can someone give me an idea about what to do with a screw? im trying to dunk a cookie into a glass of milk.
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i saw this dispenser for cereal where you turned a handle, and it rotated a screw. The screw would move the cereal forward in it's threads and drop it out of an opening (does this make any sense??)maybe use something like this, except it could be powered by a water wheel or something like that
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If you have a bunch of screws together on a slightly inclined plane, you can have something hit the head of the first screw. That screw would circle around down the plane and hit the second screw, and it would be like a domino effect. The last screw could then do something cool, like hit two metal stubs to activate a battery which powers a fan to continue.

I wish I had fun assignments like this in my school!