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Rube Goldberg Machine

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    Hi i need help making my rube goldberg machine. It needs to use an Analogue Multimeter to determine how much water is in a 5 quart pail of ice cream (any amount of water)
    The things it needs to have in it is:
    1. Needs to start by hitting record button on Digital Camera
    2. 1 thing to fly 30 inches or more horizontally
    3. needs to act like a roller coaster
    4. Use Elastlic Ponetial Engery
    5. Uses 2 Electric Motors
    6. 1 heat engery with heat source
    7. 1 light engery
    8. 1 Magnet force
    9. 1 pulley system
    10. 1 30 inch upward vertical elevation change
    It can be 20 steps no more than twenty any suggestions to how i can build this machine the dimensions are 30 inches wide, 36 inches tall and 40 inches long
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    Please don't double-post. Your request is being (somewhat) addressed in the original thread.
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