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Rubiks Cube

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    What are the benefits of solving a rubiks cube?

    I know chess is good for Logic, Concentration, Focus, Visualization and all that. However I dont have a chess board but do have a rubiks cube. Does the rubiks cube also help in those areas? More so or less so?
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    I'm not sure if they help in that, but why not do it for pure entertainment. They can be very fun and time consuming, and I'll tell you, solving a rubiks cube feels great.
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    I taught myself how to solve them during standardized tests in high school.

    It's fun to do if you have spare time.
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    It was originally developed as a model for teaching group theory permutations and can also be used to improve spatial visualization. I was big fan when they first came out and a university blindfolded me and did a timed test of my spatial abilities. I broke their record.
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    Did you solved it all by yourself? Thats great. All they do now-a-days is browse the internet to learn certain algorithms, and copy that.
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    I'm not sure chess actually helps in those areas for most people as they will just learn via brute memorization. Trying to find the best formula to solve the cube could be fun :)
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    Whoa! You left out that it's good for procrastination!
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