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Rubik's cube

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    Hi everybody,
    I am sure this has been talked about before but I still want to ask: is Rubik's cube worth our time? I mean is it really worth spending hours/days/... trying to solve it?I have been trying for some time but i haven't found the solution yet. It's really challenging in my opinion but i don't know if i should keep on trying. Of course it's also important in what way you are searching for the solution. Random movements absolutely can't give you the solution and add nothing to your way of thinking...
    I am aslo trying to find its connection, if there is any, with mathematics.
    I am waiting to hear your opinions especially from those that have solved it without any hints or help.

    P.S:I really didin't know where to post it but I think this has to do with mathematics
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    You can apply group theory to the Rubik's Cube: each action you take can be interpreted as a permutation on 48 elements (the 48 movable faces).
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    It's kind of a study in symmetry. Rather than trying to solve it right off, learn how to make different moves .... how to switch two cubes in various positions.

    Once you learn enough moves, solving it is doable.

    Easiest way to learn the moves is to cheat. Always start from all the colors configured correctly. If you try a sequence and don't remember the way back (either because you made a mistake in one of your moves or because you have a bad memory), pull it apart and reassemble it so you can always start from a good configuration.
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