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Ruby recursive factorization

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    mabe someone can help me with this code:

    i have this code, basically first i factorize for example the number 28 to: [2,2,7] and then i make a list of prime numbers and find the index of each factor in that list, so 2 is prime number with index 0 and 7 prime number with index 2 so it ends up like this: [[0],[0],[2]] with which another recursion would be: [[0],[0],[[0]]] which tranlated to binary would be: 1101101110111

    but im stuck on this:
    Code (Ruby):

    require 'prime'

    def f(n)

       Prime.prime_division(n).flat_map { |factor, power| [factor] *   power }



    puts n

    f=f (n)

    require 'prime'




    f.each do |j|

    if j>10


        g.push i



        g.push j



    print g
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    It is not clear at least to me, what exactly you're trying to accomplish. Giving more explanation about that and putting some comments in your code would be helpful.
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