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Ruchnoi Protivotankovye Granatamyot

  1. Oct 27, 2005 #1


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    We all know that RPG actually comes from the Russian "Ruchnoi Protivotankovye Granatamyot" meaning hand held antitank grenade-launcher.
    What kind do YOU think RPG stands for? Rock propelled grenade? Rotating passer of gas? Randomly propagating gingersnaps?
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    i didn't know that. i thought it meant rocket-propelled grenade. that's what i learned from playing duke nuke'em 3d anyway.
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    Same here, I thought it was rocket propelled grenade! Duke Nuke'em was a great game, but it would have been better if my dad didn't put the child-safe mode on.

    The military acronym finder seems to agree with me.

    Edit again- Seems you're right.
    I'm sticking with the English version though, as I know how to pronounce it.
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    RPG = Rocket Propelled Grenade
    Ruchnoi Protivotankovye Granatamyot = Handheld Anti-Tank Grenade Launcher (literal meaning)
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    Role-playing game of course.
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