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Rudin Errors? Errata?

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    I have cracked open Baby Rudin for the first time and I would like to ask if anybody knows of an errata that is on the "web"? I cannot find one. I wanted to print one out before I get in too deep and hurt myself.

    Also, on page 2 (that's right, only pg. 2) , (4) has an exponent in front of a 2. What is this?

    Lastly, on pg 3. 1.5 definition, (ii), am I reading it correctly or am I missing something? I feel like there is an error in saying "if x<y and y<x, then x<z " ???

    Please help, I will begin to contribute to these forums starting today. Thanks
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    George Bergman has an errata posted on his webpage.

    I don't see the exponent you mention on page 2, and apparently neither does Bergman. But there is an error in definition 1.5(ii): the y<x should be a y<z.
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    Morphism, thank you. Those notes will help me to understand the reading. Last night I got to pg 9 and understood everything except 1.1.

    In 1.1 (4), my version has a misprint apparently. I got my version from my school library in compact storage. When I "looked inside" the book using the amazon dot com feature I see that it is supposed to be "q^2 - 2".

    I have a feeling I won't understand how to construct the reals pretty soon. Appendix 1 !

    thanks morphism
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    In my book (third edition/bought three days ago) I've found both typos corrected. But on page 35 in the proof to 2.21(a) it should read:
    Hence [itex]p[/itex] has a neighborhood which does not intersect [itex] \overline E [/itex].
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