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Rudy Vaas 3 article series on Quantum Gravity

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    http://arxiv.org/physics/0401128 [Broken]

    Beyond Space And Time
    Ruediger Vaas
    7 pages, English translation by Amitabha Sen of the German article "Jenseits von Raum und Zeit"

    http://arxiv.org/physics/0403112 [Broken]

    The Duel: Strings versus Loops
    Ruediger Vaas
    10 pages, English translation by Martin Bojowald and Amitabha Sen
    of "Das Duell: Strings gegen Schleifen"

    http://arxiv.org/physics/0407071 [Broken]

    The Inverted Big-Bang
    Ruediger Vaas
    8 pages, English translation by Amitabha Sen
    of "Der umgestuelpte Urknall"

    more accurate translation would be
    "the turned-inside-out Big Bang"
    in Loop Quantum Cosmology the volume element gets
    turned inside out at the moment of the quantum bounce
    where there used to be a singularity
    and where constraction stopped and expansion began
    the turning inside out of volume is mysterious and may
    IMHO have something to do with thermodynamics

    German-speakers say Big Bang slightly different from in english
    Ur means primordial, or primal--the Ancestral One--ultimately ancient:
    Ur knall
    primordial bang

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    Thanks for the links Marcus.
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    Hey people, a nice language thing!

    Stuelpe means cuff like on your shift

    if you turn your cuff inside out, that means roll it back
    on itself, then it is


    it is a different cuff style

    oh, like on pants too: turned up cuffs versus plain cuffs.

    My neighbor the German told me about this today.

    So in Loop Quantum Cosmology the universe turns inside out
    at the big bang (non-)singularity

    it collapses on itself but by quantum good luck it does not crunch
    it just turns inside out and begins expanding

    the volume element is everted at the moment of bounce
    negative volumes become positive and viceversa

    do you think Bojowald wanted this to happen?
    dont be ridiculous he is just this North German guy
    he is not that imaginative

    It came out of the Loop gravity theory that there is a non-singularity
    where the universe becomes for just a brief moment classically indescribable and turns inside out and starts re-expanding

    and then soon everything is classical again and the usual
    Friedmann and Einstein equations take charge

    So that is what

    and it does sound better in german than
    "the Turned-Inside-Out Big Bang"

    Also, why have US magazines not picked up on this the way
    Bild der Wissenschaft has picked up on it.
    Maybe because US science journalists are all Wusses
    and Wimp conformists. Vaas has some backbone.
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    On friday, in a week, Roger Penrose will talk at the GR17

    Listen to what he has to say about entropy at the time of big bang.

    (he already gave the Fashion Faith Fantasy talk at princeton and it
    can be heard streaming online. I have the link somewhere)

    his talk has a lot about quantum gravity because that is the main thing that is happening in physics now

    and he says Second Law
    and he says that a uniform distribution of matter is very high positive entropy (release the gas into a large container and it spreads out uniform)

    and he says that a uniform gravitational field is very low entropy

    it just naturally starts to wrinkle. a uniform gravitational field is an example of pure and rare virginity, think of all the falling that would be possible if everything were uniformly distributed as far apart from everything else as it could be. think of all the gravity wells that have yet to form!

    Penrose says that the initial state of the universe has very low entropy (very large negative entropy) because the uniformity of gravity overwhelms the uniformity of matter---gravity uniformity is more important.

    I'm telling you this from memory. I havent got a transcript. I will he would get his book out about this (the talk in Dublin is aparently a teaser for a book he is writing)

    Does this sound cockeyed. Well listen to the princeton talks yourself. i will get the links. Here is the main link
    (you go down the menu to December 2003 and Penrose)

    Basically he is drawing conclusions from the second law of thermodynamics, which is still a sound bet after all these years. he tells an Eddington story about that.
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