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Ruin Weapon!

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    I have discovered the mighty blade of Occam, I shall destroy all who advocate the existance of irratonal numbers.

    Spiders are your gods.
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    Is this an attepmt at being the funniest member? :yuck:
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    Math Is Hard

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    The ganja is really, really strong in Alaska.
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    What's an irratonal number?
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    they're not tonal. They difigure harmony and could cause the universe to fall apart. Like a string that's just barrreeelly out of tune.
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    You envoke Chatton's Anti-Razor level 3. (Cost 50 MP)
    The Geometry Monster is disarmed for 3 turns.
    The Anti-Razor cuts it for 999 damage.
    It dies.
    You gain 60exp and level up.
    You gain Spider God's blessing.

    (Too bad Chatton's Anti-Razor is in no way anti to the 'Might Blade of Occam', infact it agrees with it entirely, kind of funny that)

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    that was a beautiful display of harmonic porportions (except the 50 MP which doesn't result in an integer when divided by 3, so -1 divinity points).

    Keep up the good work!
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