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News Rumsfeld and N. Korea's nuke program

  1. May 6, 2003 #1
    Here's another case of a Bush administration official making cash while doing business with the 'evil regimes' that they 'hate' so much:

    http://www.fortune.com/fortune/articles/0,15114,447429,00.html [Broken]
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    This thread should be titled "Clinton and NK's nuke program" since Clinton and Albright made the deal. At most, Rumsfeld didn't make a public outcry when the company got a contract -- he wasn't an administration official at the time -- so I guess he's not an idealist adamantly opposed to any sort of dealing with NK. Shocking, that.
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    No, he is perfectly willing to provide nuclear capability to dictators for monetary gain, then use the presence of that capability for his gain as well. He wins both ways, huh?
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    Clinton's administration made the deal, hence provided the capability. In fact, if you recall, the deal was civilian reactors and was specifically intended to get NK to stop their nuclear weapons program. No nuclear fuel was ever delivered -- NK already had that. If the deal had succeeded, there would be no NK crisis now. Since it didn't, the taxpayers are out some money, but that's it.

    Why not attack real conservative hypocrisy, like the Bill Bennett thing? I'm no member of the Rummy Fan Club either, but grasping at straws like this is kinda embarrassing.
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    How could anyone believe an article in Fortune magazine? It is, after all, a propaganda arm of the evil and corrupt corporate America.

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    Hmmm...like I should care about Clinton? Didn'tI start a thread about that?

    And Billy "Let it ride' Bennett is just too easy!
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    My only concern about rumsfeld being involved in the construction of the plants is that it seems like a conflict of interests for him to be in such a high-ranking government position and also be involved with such companies...but it's not like that isn't prevalent in politics, and it's not like we don't already know that rumsfeld, cheny, and bush all have lots of connections like these.

    I just find interesting that rumsfeld refused to comment. I suppose that you could find it contradictory with his hardline approach, but I haven't read any comments of his being against the Clinton deal. Maybe he has made such comments, but I don't know of them.
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