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News Rumsfeld is being groomed for sacrifice

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    I think Donald Rumsfeld is being groomed as the administration's sacrificial goat if things go poorly in Iraq. He has never been popular with the pentagon, and now he is drawing the ire of powerful republican senators, like Warner of VA. He was bypassed for control of the Iraq rebuilding effort in favr of Condi Rice. Now, an embarrassing memo, in which he seems to be cognizant of all going wrong, was leaked to the press. The leak was evidently so overt that it was called more of a press release by one source. He has a long list of political enemies among the republicans, who will gladly leave him swinging in the breeze once the white house gives the OK.

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    Mr. Rumsfeld illustrates the two operative standards of truth. First, there is the pontifical truth announced to the public; second, there is the ongoing search for truth carried on within the organization itself, not intended for revelation outside.
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    I think you misread the situation. I don't think there has EVER been an honest search for objective truth by this administration. They are only looking for facts that can be used, or twisted, to promote the agenda that existed before they even began looking for evidence.
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    Hmm... I was starting to like Rummy now, since he seems to be the only one in the white house with any idea what is actually going on. But we can't have that, can we? :wink:
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    Rummy has changed A LOT in the past year. I remember a daily show episode that showed clips of Rummy speaking both before and after the war in Iraq, the differences were staggering, and it made for good comedy.
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