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Run Hurricane models on a PC?

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    It is possible to run any of these hurricane models on a home desktop? If so, does anyone know where I can get information on the models? Can I download the model/source code/program itself? Will I need a data feed from the national weather service?
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    http://www-03.ibm.com/servers/eserver/pseries/news/pressreleases/2003/jun/weather.html [Broken]

    Thats the kinda computer system they run hurricane models on.
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    Models like the kind they are plastering all over CNN and such now a days are not off the shelf programs. They are going to be proprietary codes and are not going to be cheap.
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    .... was doing some searching about weather modeling software a while back and although running them on PC (other than some skinned versions, some versions have been available in the past as demos) other than in simple examples (?) is "doomed", the sources at least partially are available for packages like "MM5" and "FMS" .... getting them running may require quite a bit of effort and would think are very complex indeed.
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    I figured that some journal articles had probably been written on the subject and that they might contain code.
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