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Run server as application

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    I have written this logger echo server. WHen i execute it it starts as a process in the background. How do i force it to run as application? (in cmd window for example or do i have to have gui?)

    im on win machine.

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    I don't know how windows would do this but in linux/unix you can start an application and send it to the background by using the bg command. You can send to back to the foreground by using the fg command.
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    thanx , thats a next step to install unix/linux a stop using windows. But i have hard time detecting my network card in linux. I would love to stop using windows.

    anyway, yeah the problem is i want to run the server in foreground on windows. Even when i execute it from cmd it still goes to process. This way i do not know what the error are ....(during connection and output from the server)

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