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Running a pump

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    So I am try to run this 12V 30 pis pump and it says to run it at 2.2 amps @ 30 psi.

    When I supply the pump with 12V I get a reading of 1.4 Amps so I don't really know what it means by the 2.2 Amps and the @ 30 psi means.

    Can anyone tell me what this means?
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    I think it means for a 30 psi head (back-pressure) and nominal flow rate the pump will pull 2.2 amps. If you're only seeing 1.4 amp draw it's likely because you have a back-pressure lower than 30 psi on the pump when its running.
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    Oh so I think you mean that I have to apply 30 psi to the outlet of the pump which will cause the pump to work harder and draw 2.2 amps.

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    Do you know anything more about the pump? Does it have a spinning impeller or does it have reciprocating piston?
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