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So my school semester is almost over.
I took the following...

Calculus II
Physics II
Chemistry II
Linear Algebra

I'm getting good grades (3.5-4.0), but I really need to go over the Physics text. We covered so much material that I couldn't keep up with reading the proofs and connecting everything together as much as I wanted. Did anyone else feel this way after Physics I & II?

Fall should be a bit lighter...

Multivariate Calculus
3D Modeling (Using Cinema 4D - Personal Interest)
Philosophy (General Education)
Sociology (General Education)

Only four more years left! I work full-time so I spread it out over 11 semesters - 3 down, 8 to go... :)

... Just have to do those pesky finals...

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It depends on your particular college's coursework, and your major. For us, Physics II was more electrical/magnetic based than Physics I, which was almost entirely kinetics and kinematics.

Now if you're like me, a Mech. Engineer, then there's not a whole lot of information that builds on Physics II (at least our definition of Physics II). At our school, Calculus II is the hardest math until you get to partial differential equations, so math should be downhill.
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I'm leaning towards Electrical Engineering.
I'll be finishing up my required Mathematics course this year with Multivariate and DiffEQ.
Our last homework assignment in Calculus II (assigned today) is an introduction to DiffEQ.

I felt that Physics I and II went by way too fast. I didn't fully grasp everything with the type of depth that I wanted. I'm planning on reading a section a day throughout the summer to really sink things in.

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