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Rushed into QFT

  1. Sep 16, 2012 #1
    I just entered graduate school. As an undergraduate I took a graduate course in Quantum Mechanics, mostly for fun and practice because I knew the credits wouldn't transfer to the uni I was applying to for grad school.

    So, I got accepted there and even though the credit wasn't transferred the advisor heard I was interested in theory and recommended that I take Quantum Field Theory anyway and try to test out of QM.
    So that's what I signed up for.

    We had 4 classes so far and I understand most of it, but it's all so new to me and the speed of the class makes it seem like this should be second nature by now.

    They are talking about manifolds, covariant derivatives, groups, symmetries, etc.. like if it's something I should only be reviewing at this point rather than learning.
    Feels like I'm fighting to just keep up, and if I'm right that this is just mostly review for a lot of the students in ther I'm sure it's going to get much much worse.

    I think I needed to take a class on group theory, or differential geometry first...
    (I've taken neither)
    should I study those? While I would love to read a textbook with a formal introduction to it, the material is already taking up enough of my time as it is, so are there any quick and dirty ways to get the information I need for this class? Maybe an online resource or something?

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