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Russels Paradox.

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    What do you guys think about Russels Paradox compared to our possible 10 dimensions where do you think that 11th one is? How do you think this would relate to a trans-dimensional wormhole? Obviously I know what the answers are I'm just wondering what the public thinks.
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    My idea is that you would have to have two infinite points (7th dimension) with a line (11th dimension) connecting those two infinite points.
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    1. How are you able to deal with all of this when, in another thread, you appear to not even know calculus yet? All these "dimensions" are very complex mathematical description. One can't possibly even BEGIN to know what these are without a lot of mathematics.

    2. In our Guidelines, there is a very clear policy of overly speculative personal theory. You might want to make sure you re-read and understand what you have agreed to before proceeding any further. We enforce our policy.

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    I'm sorry, but if you read my other post correctly I am currently learning Calculus. I am sorry for not reading that certain section, I will re-read.
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    I think you are wrong on this. Russel's paradox clearly indicates, using the principal value theorem of Emmy Noether's (cousin) that it can only be an even-valued prime number over 5. :bugeye:

    (just adding to the gibberish...)

    Seriously, now. ZapperZ is right.
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