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News Russia carrying out mock nuclear attack on US, Britain

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    Hmmmm...too bad that NewsMax site is seemingly full of nonsense.

    And, of course, since the US has instituted a policy of 'we'll blow up whoever we like', who can blame Russia for practicing fighting back?
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    Hey as long as we have bunker busting nukes we dont need a frickin economy.
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    newsmax obviously is a rightwing site, but the report is authentic. If you noticed, I posted two links, one is not from newsmax, but which is called "Jihan Unspun", which appears to be on the left at first glance, so it was verified by multiple sources, both of which cite the Russian Nezavisimaya Gazeta, which I think is a newspaper.

    I find it very scary. It seems to indicate who (US and/or UK) or what type of enemy (Western) the Russians seem to think they are most likely to get into a conflict with. It shows the growing gap between the USA and the rest of the world, which shows the immense problems that the administration's foreign policy is causing.
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    A line from a movie I once saw...

    Moscow in flames, Soviets retaliate with nuclear warheads now heading to America...

    ...Film at 11:00
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    Well, Russian and India are holding joint naval exercises planned before the Iraq war.... but the only places I can find the nuclear allegations are really sketchy sites, most of which cite that single Russian paper via Newsmax.

    Given the track record of much of the Russian media (see below) I'd write ti off as BS... but even if it were true, Russia's not advertising it, and I'm sure the USA holds tests and rehearsals of nuclear responses pretty regularly.

    Sensation: Cities Found on the Moon!
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    Wow, I didn't realize the crisis in the Russian media. Although though I wonder if the quote cited as being from a Russian newspaper really is from a Russian newspaper. Either way, that Russian website has a bunch of BS.
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    {excuse my earlier comment I thought I was somewhere else}

    If the article is true, the Russians plan to use bombers against the US? Hmmm, maybe we should've hung on to a few of those NIKE missile sites. I would have expected the soviets to launch their ICBM arsenal upon us instead. those ships scare me too, but a great number of their subs are rusting away.
    Does any one know roughly the size of the US nuc*lear arsenal?

    thought you might like pravda
    they have a message board that looks strangely familiar...

    ok that story appears in Pravda by a US army captain: that story
    it's down the page under "Russia"
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    All this means is the Russian military hasn't yet adapted to its new role post Cold War (do they even know what that role is?). Thats not surprising. Our military hasn't either.
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    The conception that the Russians are having a mock nuclear training exercise against the English as a prelude to initiating action against the U.S. is not reflective of the reality. The Russians practice against their current allies because if they practiced for nuclear war with China, there would be reciprocal military exercises against them by the Chinese. The Russians are firmly in Nato's camp. They wish to join the EU and all the rest of the western associations which will enable them to get rich like the U.S. They shy away from saying in public that they want to become full fledged members of NATO because there would be resentment in certain circles in their own country that could still cause them problems.

    The Russians and the Americans are firmly wedded in the most advanced category of technological innovation and exploration. Namely, the space program. If they exhibit any discontinuity, then that is merely a performance for the public stage as a measure of inhibiting radical dissention in Russia. Within a decade that reserve will completely disappear and the Russians will feel confident enough to disregard the dissenting voices which will become ever more isolated and fragmented as the Russian economy grows to bring them in line with other first world nations.
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