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Russian universities reputation and entry requirements question

  1. Dec 14, 2012 #1
    Hi everybody.

    I have completed a BSc Honors in physics degree from a public sector Pakistani university, and am considering my graduate school options.

    I had a few queries Ive been unable to find good answers to:

    1) How does a 2-3 year MSc from a good Russian university compare to a 2 year Msc from a decent (30-80) University in the US?

    2)Most Russian universities offer a one year preparatory course - does it cover only Russian language or does it bring you "up to speed" at the level a local student would be in Physics, Math etc? If one applies to a Masters program, does the preparatory course cover undergraduate physics in Russian? Or just Russian language?

    3)What are the entry tests like for Russian universities for Masters programs? Does anyone have any sample tests / past papers etc?
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