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Rust Production

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    I am trying to produce iron oxide by placing a iron screw in a glass of water and electrifying it. Is there an easier way to produce rust in larger quantities faster?
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    Trying to make thermite are we?
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    Yes. Put many small pieces of scrap steel in salt water.
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    1. A High current output http://abp.com/High_Power_AC-DC_Converter.shtml" [Broken] (Heavy Duty Cycle).
    Note: Must be AC to DC and not DC to AC.

    2. A fully Charged 12/24 volt http://www.dcbattery.com/rolls.html" [Broken] will work very well.
    24 volt High Current output seems to of worked for me when I used to
    do Oxide Experiments with Electrolysis, I found there to be a lot of
    variety with replacing Saline H2O with Saline H2O2 or http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&oi=defmore&defl=en&q=define:saline" "[URL [Broken]
    Peroxide[/URL] 35% by grade.

    Note: Solution catalysis - The most commonly used solution http://www.chemguide.co.uk/physical/catalysis/introduction.html" [Broken]
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    That was exactly my thought. :surprised
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    I recall that with a little care you can make large quantities of relatively pure rust by mixing steel wool, bleach and vinegar together. Once the rust has formed dilute it with lots of water in a bucket. Leave it to settle, then siphon as much water as possible out. The remaining sludge you can spread out on that oven paper stuff and bake in the oven at a fairly low temperature. Afterwards just screw up the paper and the iron oxide should flake right off. Be careful though; bleach and vinegar gives off a nast amount of chlorine (i think). Whatever gas it is, i'm pretty sure it's poisonous, so do it in a well ventilated space blah blah blah. Im not sure what the best bleach-vinegar ratio was, but maybe it was around 3-1?
    This was a while ago so there may be some mistakes; please dont hesitate to correct me.
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    Oh, and another thing, isnt it possible to make thermite using something else like hemitite? Isn't that just another isotype of iron oxide?
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    Try searching for some of mrjeffery321 (or something like that) He seems to be quite knowledgeable about these things
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    Or better yet : find an old alley. There are dumpsters with lots of rust chips that can be taken from the ground.
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