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Rutherfords Atomic Model

  1. May 9, 2012 #1
    I studied it in a book that Rutherfords Atomic Model was Unsatisfactory bcz the revolving electrons in his model would lose energy.How would they lose energy as far as I know they are kept in rotation by the centripetal force and work done by centripetal force is 0.NO work done no energy loss.Then how would the revolution cause the electron to lose energy?
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    Charged particles undergoing acceleration emit electromagnetic radiation. That radiation has energy. So an electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom would continuously emit electromagnetic radiation and spiral into the nucleus. This is why Rutherford's model is not satisfactory.

    This isn't what you expect if you consider classical mechanics since orbiting bodies (such as planets) do not emit radiation.
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    DO we know what causes the electron to emit radiations?
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    For the classical electrodynamics explanation, see the derivation of Larmor's radiation formula. (Try a Google search on that phrase.)
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