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RV housing?

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    So uh.. has anyone ever heard or tried living in RV house in college, instead of dorms? Like Winnebago http://www.winnebagoind.com/html/products/recVehicles/rialta.html [Broken] for example

    Ive seen a link at UC's site that was selling RV parking spots for $300+/mo .. I think thats crazy - but everyone has to rip u off oneway or another..

    But in any event.. is it a crazy idea? Living in a 'trailer house' outside of college building that is
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    Sounds expensive, considering the confined living area, but probably cheaper than renting a house or apartment. There could be other advantages, too.
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    I've known people who have done it...not during college, but during grad school (or my sister who did that her first year out of college...what do you expect, she got a degree in social work, if her clients couldn't afford a real home, who was going to pay her to afford one?) All of them thought it was a good experience, though best not repeated. The advantage is it can be cheaper than an apt, you own your own trailer so can decorate it however you want, but then it's a trailer, so there aren't many decorating options. Your noisy neighbors are separated by a few yards rather than a paper thin wall, but you're suddenly a tornado target (ever notice tornados always hit trailer parks?). Space can be very cramped, but if you add on a little screen room, you can expand your living space outdoors. You'll have a bigger kitchen than what you'd find in a dorm room (no kitchens in dorm rooms), but smaller than in an apt. No rules about pets. Then again, not many rules about anything. You're likely to be farther from the center of activity when it comes to parties, socializing, meeting for study groups, etc. It can be a good thing for someone who is single, but a bad idea to move a spouse in with you (one of my friends had his wife living with him in a trailer when he was in grad school...everytime they talk of moving now, she very pointedly says that she is willing to move anywhere, EXCEPT a trailer...never again!). Propane, which will run everything (cooking, heat) can get expensive.

    Overall, if you're moving to a warm climate, it could be an interesting alternative to dorms or apartments. On the other hand, if you're moving to a cold climate, live someplace where the law requires they provide you with heat in the winter (trailers don't come with that guarantee, especially if the propane runs out just as a blizzard hits). Plus, trailers in winter require a lot of extra stuff, like insulating water lines that run underneath it so they don't freeze (which they might do anyway).
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    thanks guys, great advice
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