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News RX For PMS, Pray To Jesus, FDA Approved

  1. Nov 9, 2004 #1
    I received one of those urgent forwards today, but this time it has me concerned. I am going to post the content of the email, it deals with the new Bush appointee for the Chief Advisor for Womens Reproductive Health. This is an OB/Gyn that doesn't prescribe birth control to unmarried women, and who advocates prayer to Jesus for PMS. Needless to say, his position on abortion will fall right of sunrise, if you are looking south in the morning.
    President Bush has announced his plan to select Dr. W.David Hager to head up the Food and Drug
    Administration's (FDA) Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee. The committee has not met for more than two years, during which time its charter lapsed. As a result, the Bush Administration is tasked with filling all eleven positions with new members. This position does not require Congressional approval. The FDA's Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee makes crucial decisions on matters relating to drugs used in the practice of obstetrics, gynecology and related specialties, including hormone
    therapy, contraception, treatment for infertility, and medical alternatives to surgical procedures for sterilization and pregnancy termination.

    Dr. Hager is the author of "As Jesus Cared for Women: Restoring Women Then and Now." The book blends biblical accounts of Christ healing Women with case studies from Hager's practice. His views of
    reproductive health care are far outside the mainstream for reproductive technology. Dr. Hager is a
    practicing OB/GYN who describes himself as "pro-life" and refuses to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women. In the book Dr. Hager wrote with his wife, entitled "Stress and the Woman's Body," he suggests that women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome should seek help from reading
    the bible and praying. As an editor and contributing author of "The Reproduction Revolution: A Christian
    Appraisal of Sexuality Reproductive Technologies and the Family," Dr. Hager appears to have endorsed the
    medically inaccurate assertion that the common birth control pill is an abortifacient. We are concerned
    that Dr. Hager's strong religious beliefs may color his assessment of technologies that are necessary to
    protect women's lives or to preserve and promote women's health. Hager's track record of using
    religious beliefs to guide his medical decision-making makes him a dangerous and inappropriate candidate to serve as chair of this committee. Critical drug public policy and research must not be held hostage by
    antiabortion politics. Members of this important panel should be appointed on the basis of science and
    medicine, rather than politics and religion. American women deserve no less. There is something you can do.
    Below is a statement to be sent to the White House,
    opposing the placement of Hager.
    (1) Please copy and paste (DON'T forward) the entire
    email into a fresh email ; then sign your name below.
    (2) Every 10th person who signs the list (i.e., #10,
    #20, #30, etc.) - please forward the entire e-mail to

    We oppose the appointment of Dr. W. David Hager to
    the FDA Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee.
    Mixing religion and medicine is unacceptable in a
    policy-making position. Using the FDA to promote a
    political agenda is inappropriate and seriously
    threatens women's health. Members of this important
    panel should be appointed on the basis of science and
    medicine, rather than politics and religion. American
    women deserve no less.
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  3. Nov 9, 2004 #2
    At first i thought you were announcing the development of a drug for PMS. I thought this was a great day for men who don't know what they did everywhere. Now i am sad. We must continue to be men who don't what they did.
  4. Nov 10, 2004 #3
    YOU, know what you did.
  5. Nov 10, 2004 #4


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    That e-mail has been circulating since 2002.

    Comments: This petition, circulating in various forms since October 2002, is now outdated. Over critics' objections, Dr. W. David Hager was successfully appointed to the FDA Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee in December 2002 (though not as chairman, as some had expected) and reappointed in June 2004 to serve an additional year.


    The original Times article from 10-02.

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  6. Nov 10, 2004 #5


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    I received that email some time ago and googled it getting the same info Evo did. It was just another reason I didn't want Bush re-elected. He's been filling all of the top posts with His people and it will take years to undo the damage they're doing and will continue to do for the next four years. For right now, unfortunately, we're stuck with one of our top FDA guys being an author whose advise to women with PMS is to just "read the bible and pray" about it. That will fix it right UP, won't it?!!! :rolleyes:
  7. Nov 10, 2004 #6


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    I think it's frightening that posts like this can be handed out to religious fanatics without any input from the public. This person obviously cannot act objectively.
  8. Nov 10, 2004 #7
    Its getting real bad isn't it? If Chief Justice Rehnquist and several other justices on the Supreme Court retire, it just gives another opportunity for Bush to install some of his neo-conservative lackeys. Time for another backwards leap in civil rights. :uhh:
  9. Nov 10, 2004 #8


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    Does confession work for headaches...especially those hangover accompanying ones ? :grumpy:
  10. Nov 10, 2004 #9
    The ban on assault weapons has been lifted, so maybe PMS will just get better, and better.

    Thanks for googling that email, since I thought it was timely, since I received it yesterday, from a woman who has plenty of sense. I will tell her, how old it is.

    I saw this amazing piece on PBS it was historical, but it told of the evening when George Shultz (Bechtel), and Condoleeza Rice (Exxon), and some others, hand picked George W Bush to be their candidate, at a private meeting in some posh residence back east. Great stuff to see. Sad stuff to see.
  11. Nov 10, 2004 #10
    I think that the really sad thing is that so many people will be surprised by that and not understand what it means.
  12. Nov 10, 2004 #11

    Math Is Hard

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    Twelve Hail Marys for you, Gokul. Go in peace, my son. o:)
  13. Nov 10, 2004 #12
    You know what works really well for hangovers
    Gatorade. It's the miracle cure. Rehydrates you like nothing I've ever seen.
  14. Nov 14, 2004 #13


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    The best cure is abstinence ... :rofl: ... or maybe quoting one verse from the Bible before every drink?

    Actually, interspersing a few glasses of water amidst your alcoholic beverages helps. It rehydrates you as the alcohol is dehydrating you. This usually has the side effect of decreasing the amount of alcohol you're able to consume or at least increases the amount of time it takes (I guess whether that's a positive or negative side effect depends on the person).
  15. Nov 14, 2004 #14
    I am going to tell the management that this thread has been hijacked by drunkards. This isn't the hangover thread, this is the terrible, horrible, the government owns my uterus", thread. This is the "A cold speculum, reminds a woman of her duty to Chastity, and Righteousness", thread. This is the "let your Uncle take you to the fair, honey, he will buy you candy", thread.
  16. Nov 14, 2004 #15


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    He must be single, otherwise he'd know the only outcome of handing a woman with PMS a Bible is that he'd get himself clobbered over the head with it! Or maybe he's already been clobbered over the head so many times he forgets that's what happens...it would explain his backward attitudes.
  17. Nov 18, 2004 #16
    Yeah, whenever getting plastered, drink as much water as alcohol. You'll never get a hangover that way.

    Gatorade huh? I'll have to remember that...
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