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Rydberg Function

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    what is the significance of Rydberg function ? From wikipedia, it says each chemical element has its own rydberg constant. Is it not the same for every elemets?
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    I assume you mean the Rydberg(ritz) formula?

    Its used to calculate the wavelengt of spectral lines.

    The rydberg constant is different for each element since one of the factors in calculating it is nucleus mass. (the correct constant is calculated by doing a reduced mass correction to the "infinite" rydberg constant).
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    If i am only talking about only the constant?

    Edit: Sorry, know this is kind of weird. But I am being asked. and confused!
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    Well I guess you could say that the significance of the constant is that it decides the wavelengts of spectral lines in different elements. Someone please correct me if Im wrong.
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