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Ryder Cup

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    Has anybody being following the golf? The US lead has been cut to 2 points as of end of play today and with 12 points to play for tomorrow there's still time for Europe to recover to claim their 4th straight victory.
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    I'm really terrible at golf - that windmill always gets me!

    Seriously, I've never played actual golf. But for some strange reason, I enjoy watching it. Well I don't sit and watch it, but it can be on while I do domestic chores and I'll follow it.

    This year's cup has been fun to watch! Go US!!!

    A guy at work listens to golf on the radio...!

    Do you golf, Art?
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    I play occasionally from time to time. Ireland has nearly as many golf courses as it has cows :biggrin: so most people here play some golf. It's a game I'd like to be good at but unfortunately never will be and so my enthusiasm for playing has waned over the years. Some folk are just naturals and I most definitely am not and I have come to accept all the practice in the world is not going to change that. :cry: And so like you I settle for watching the experts on the TV whilst my clubs rust in the shed.
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