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S.A.R.S Could this be the result of inbound Particles

  1. Apr 25, 2003 #1
    From the Comet impact on Jupiter from some years ago?

    It seems that there are possible connections of upper atmospheric bacteria being morphed with extra-solarsytem-impact driven lifeforms, such as Bacteria being lifted from Jupiter during the comet impact some years ago.

    Has anyone condidered this aspect for the appearence of this new virus?
    I was reading an article about the SARS VIRUS, and it seems quite plausable that new virus/bacteria can be distributed from Planet to Planet by such catostrophic impacts on our Solar neighbours bringing NEW LIFEFORMS to Earth.

    The upper atmosphere is teeming with bacteria that can be 'living' for eons in the border of our atmosphere and space, I wonder if such a possibility of 'Inter-Solar' Viral Evolution will turn out to be where S.A.R.S originated from? A check of impact from meteorites that have come through our atmosphere, colliding with bacteria that is allready in our Upper Atmosphere, and then raining down on Earth with far reaching consequences.

    Just a possibility?..or just a good storyline for a standard disaster B-Movie?

    I think there are grave possibilities for this to have actually happened, the Comet impact on Jupiter a couple of years ago produced a cloud of debris that was ejected into our solar system, it seems likely that there would be particles that reach Earth sometime after impact-time.

    You heared it here, we may have to look more closely at our Solar System Impacts on other Planets, not just here on Earth.
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    But how can viruses evolve in space? Don't they require a living host?
    And it seems unlikely that a virus should come down from space and just happen to be well adapted to surviving and thriving in humans, a lifeform it may not have come across ever....
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    Where do you loonies come from anyway? Is there a training camp somewhere?

    - Warren
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    Are you stating that Earth is the only source of Bacteria in the Cosmos?

    It is quite possible that the Bacteria that is in our Earths upper atmosphere, could have been the host to inbound particles/meteor debris THAT, could have been impregnated with Particles, and therefore Bacteria from the debris that was ejected into our solar system from the Comet collision with Jupiter?
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    ...like I said, where do you loonies come from?

    Upon closer examination, it appears you loonies come from the UK. I shold have guessed.

    - Warren
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    Coot, what are you condeming?

    Do you actually think EARTH, has the only molocules in the Solar System?..and Nothing enters the Earths Atmosphere..not even debris from Comets?

    Comets have fine particulates that are theorized to contain minute molocules that may be deemed instrumental in distributing much needed 'catalytic',chemicals from Extra Solar cycles needed for the creation of life given elements.

    Bacteria have a greater/more, life expectancy in space than Humans, if it was not fro this fact Humans would not have evolved!

    Unless you are proposing that Bacteria evolved form Humans?

    State your case, or shut your mooth!
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    That is complete and utterly irrelevant. What does one's nationality have to do with any discussion? Please, if you like me disagree, then post a valid point.

    Anyway... ranyart...

    I am saying there is currently no proof for the existence of extraterrestrial bacteria, and no reason that such bacteria would share a genetic similarity to ones adapted on earth. And that comets do not go that far out to be considered the entire cosmos. I am also saying that it is rather unlikely that a completely unfamiliar virus would just happen to be very virulent against humans. How many comets have bacteria that cough and sneeze to transmit viruses in an atmosphere. It's a nice theory, but is trashed by the lack of any supporting evidence, and simpler, more probable alternatives.
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    This might shed light on it for the rest of us:

    source: http://www.space.com/astronotes/astronotes.html
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    Thanks FZ, I do know that it seems ulikely that a direct link is obvious, but as I have read a report by a University Prof,(I will try and dig out the link), who states that there is evidence of bacteria existence in the upper atmosphere, which may be floating around up there for many thousands of years, can sometimes be 'felled', and brought down to Earth by inbound objects within the Solar System?

    At the time of the comet(can't recall the name of it)which impacted with Jupiter, therre was an interesting debate on a theory that at sometime in the future(after impact), debris would be ejected into space, and would be distributed throughout the Solar System, and it was thought that some may end up in the Earths Atmosphere?

    This would be introducing molocule mixing to our allready diverse Bacteria that is prevelent and thriving,but it was probable that a NEW type of bacterial strain could develop, one which could have some interesting consequences.

    I do not think that Earth is the sole Bacterial location of the Universe, infact there are some intermediate atoms clusters that are 'organic-bacteria-like', and these hardy molocules travel throughout the Cosmos and interject with colliding and producing new offspring?
  11. Apr 25, 2003 #10
    Thanks Brad, and this is correct. I had seen a news-report and this is the guy.

    Interestingly, I had been reading about Hoyle some years ago, during the Comet Impact with Jupiter, and I recalled some thoughts I had at that time, whilst watching the impact, and seeing the huge impact clouds(it was much greater than had been predicted), I wondered if any of the debris could end up near our Earth. This coupled with the recent statements provided in your link got me thinking, its not my theory or anything, but I had recalled from sometime ago, this I think is relevant to Hoyle and co-workers.

    Thanks again.
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    Uh yes...but what disturbs me is they reported it to a Tabloid, specifically The Sun...
  13. Apr 25, 2003 #12

    But it may have been for the wider audiance? the sun has the greatest readership, and all said and done, its not a good source for general news, but a great source for publicity.

    Here is another link;http://www.space.com/searchforlife/chandra_sidebar_001027.html [Broken]

    I was trying to find out some other evidence for delivery systems, IE the interations of Solar Wind or 'Charged Particle'interactions, but I am going to have to leave it for now.

    It is a possibility, there are Dust Clouds throughout the Milkyway, and looking at the Timeline of the Jupiter Impact, I think there is a case for a large amount of debris being ejected into space, and some of that debris may have entered our amosphere, but I do not know if Chandra Wickramasinghe and collaboraters have considered this?
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    Chandra Wickramasinghe?

    He's still around? Oh dear.

    For those of you who don't know, look up the court case McLean vs. Arkansas from 1981. If that doesn't convince you that Wickrasamsinghe should stay far, far away from any topic that involves biology, there are no words in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men to express my nausea.
  15. Apr 26, 2003 #14
    SARS has been identified as a coronavirus, related to similar virii in humans and animals. It is highly probable that it jumped to humans from another species; this is rather common for virii in the crowded regions of China where SARS originated -- cf avian flu.

    ranyart, why do you and others feel the Need to seemingly randomly Capitalize certain words like, say, 'Dust Cloud'? Is there some Scientific Method by which you select words to Capitalize?
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    I think they currently say it came from cows.

    Live long and prosper.
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    Well it an iritation by design for certain R-Souls who extend their nitpicking for Elocutional or Vocal proweress over the less educated?

    Well Iam gald you noticed it..maybe you should start a whole website on literecy lessons?

    Btw is that a gREEN tURD AVIATOR moulded from your own image?
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    Ok, down with the personal attacks everyone, before this gets locked...

    While I accept there is a vague probability of a bacterial infection from space... ok, very vague, maybe in the lines of "the andromeda strain" (Novel by Micheal Critchton, about a bacteria that was originally from earth, but was mutated in the upper atmosphere and recovered by satellite), what really seals this is the fact this is a viral infection. For viruses to breed, there must be some host. I think we all accept that. So, in space, there must somehow be a bacterial host with enough human similarities to allow a virus that infects it to transfer interspecifically to us. I think that is too much to take very seriously.
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    ranyart, I'm actually really curious -- I've noticed that a number of people do this, and I have never understood why, or how they decide what words to capitalize.
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    They rain down constantly from outer space.

    Your comment, chroot, and the idea of a training camp
    for loonies, gave me a moment of great joy.
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    In some writers it is part of a phony-antique style.
    Irregular and often apparently whimsical capitalization
    was a feature of 18th century English.
    The faux-antique is an important part of the style menu,
    I believe, for roleplaying gamers, fantasists, and
    people whose pleasure it is to believe extravagant
    and preposterous nonsense such as "Magick".
    (note the faux-antique spelling Magick which Greg
    uses on the main PF menu.)

    But this is only some (not necessarily all) who capitalize for
    parody or suchlike motives. I can say nothing
    about these *particular* loonies since every
    loonie is an individual mystery and law unto himself.
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