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?'s about water on Mars

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    I'm helping edit a textbook with a deadline in hours. Need to check some "prevailing wisdom" on Mars.

    Did I hear recently that the jury is in on recent water found? That it's bone dry?

    Unrelated question:

    Is this an accurate statement? "...the surface of Mars once had lots of water. Most of that water probably escaped into space a long time ago."

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    Yes, but some of the water MAY have gone into the ground in the form of aquifers, and there is also water on the poles (I'll need to check up on which one. One of the caps is CO2, and the other is mostly H2O). Just add that statement for now, but don't take my word on it. Go with whatever you think is right.

    Sorry for the late response. Btw, what book is it?
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    It's some Canadian grade school textbook. MY friend is an editor.
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