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Homework Help: S.I. reportable form

  1. Sep 9, 2006 #1
    Hi have any of you guys heard of S. I. reportable form. Or just proper form using sig figs.

    like how would I write 568000.0 mol pproperly. The question i was asked asked to expres the following in S.I. reportable form

    pleaaase help me
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    the answer

    S.I. means use the metric measurements. I.E., it means use Mega-, Kilo-, Hecto-, Deca-, Deci-, Mili-, Centi-, Micro, etc.
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    Therefore, the answer to your question would be 568.0000 Kilomoles
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    Go to "http://library.thinkquest.org/C004647/to/chem/SIUnits.html" for more info on S.I. - it's where I got mine.
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