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Homework Help: S-layer proteins and storage

  1. Feb 1, 2009 #1
    An S-layer protein is 3nm is diameter. Calculate number of proteins per mm3 of membrane. If the
    protein is used to pattern a surface used for data storage - each protein molecule can position one
    magnetic particle (1bit) compare this type of storage with current hard disks.

    Just one question before I start calculating: Is it correct with "proteins per mm3 of membrane", or is it supposed to be "per mm2 of membrane", you think?
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    How thick is the membrane? If the spherical (?) proteins are packed in the membrane edge-to-edge, you are looking at dots of 3 nm diameter.

    Current disk technology can store data at about 100 to 200 Gbit/in^2. Convert 200 Gbits/in^2 to bits/nm
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