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Homework Help: S-process model (nucleosynthesis)

  1. May 30, 2006 #1
    Sorry for all these questions...I just want to be really prepared for the exam I have in a couple of weeks.

    In the exam we will most likely have to look at the s-process model (it's an exam on the computer) that he showed us in class. He said that we should look at it now to make sure that we know exactly how to do the given exercises so that we don't waste time in the exam.

    The model is attached.

    Here are the things he said that you have to do:

    incorporate radioactive decay
    incorporate r-processing

    I know how to do the basic first exercise where you need to obtain predicted abundances that are close to the actual cosmic abundances, but the above sections I'm not sure how to do at all. I know that the reason that the predicted abundances will not exactly match the actual is because the s-process model does not include the effect of the r-process
    in some the isotopes that have both s- and r-processes.

    I understand that this is probably a bad question to ask 'cause it might involve too much time, but I thought I'd just ask on the off chance that someone might know right off. I will keep reading up on this material to see if I can get my head around it anyways.

    Thanks for any help

    P.S. there is an error in the code at Abloss[2]...the it has to be MAC[2] not [3].

    View attachment s-modelBa3.mws
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