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S-video resoluton issue

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    I am trying to use a 52" panasonic plasma tv as a monitor for a Dell PC via s-video because the TV does not have a VGA input. P4, Windows XP, 1GB of Ram.

    The video card is a Geforce FX5200 with dual vga output and s-video, I also have the latest nvidia drivers for this video card.

    I have a LCD set up beside the tv temporarily while I am trying to configure the TV monitor, the LCD is plugged into the stock display adapter.

    The issue is the resolution or the size of the image displayed on the TV. The quality of the image is not what im worried about that is actually pretty good.

    The image will not align correctly, imagine your screen size is 52" but the image outputted by the graphics card via s-video being like 100+". It is simply too big to fit on the screen.

    For choices of resolutions on in the windows settings and in the nvidia control planel I can choose from 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768 however it will not accept 1024x768 it just reverts back.

    I dont understand why I am unable to choose a higher or maybe even a resolution, it seems as if maybe the graphics card doesnt support an appropriate resolution for s video, because I am able to use an hdmi connection with my laptop to the tv perfectly but s video for my desktop does not display correctly at all.

    Is there any other kind of software I could use, I somehow need to shrink the image by about 50%.

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    I'm surprised the video card puts out such high resolution on s-video, but not surprised the TV rejects it!
    S-video is only meant for broadcast low-def TV (480i/576i US/Eu), 640x480 should work but won't be very sharp because the TV is only handling interlaced.
    Above that you are probably getting something random depending on how many sync pulses get through and what the computer/TV happen to do with out of spec signal.
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    I have an older ATI X850 video card. It's highest s-video resolution is 1024x768x60i, although I don't know what the actual resolution output is. In this case it appears that the card is assuming 1024x768 max resolution for the s-video output, so a desktop size greater than 1024x768 results in a virtual desktop on the TV, that scrolls to follow the mouse pointer. The software indicates HDTV as an option, but it must need some special connector to get beyond 1024x768. I tried the HD4870 video card's s-video to component cable but that didn't work.

    I have a newer system with ATI HD4870 video card that includes a component output cable (it's connected to s-video connector) and will confirm if it can truly do 1920x1080x60i output later today.
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    The HD4870 uses a DVI to HDMI adapter or a 7-pin svideo sized connnector to HDTV component adapter cable. I did confirm the max resolution over the svideo was 1024x768 but this must be down coverted to the actual resolution supported by NTSC or PAL standards.
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