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S1 Probabilities P(A' u B)

  1. May 16, 2013 #1
    Hi all,

    Could you confirm this for me please. I am revising S1 statistics.

    [tex]P(A' u B) = P(B) + P(A' u B')[/tex]

    Is that true?

    I assume you can represent that on a venn diagram. Is that true.

    I am having trouble understanding the equations which contain ' such as P(A' n B).

    Thank you.
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    The equation is correct, except for A'uB', which should be A'nB'.
    If you want to make a Venn diagram, I suggest that you let C = A'.
    CuB = B + CnB' (disjoint jets). You may be more comfortable using CnB' = C-B.
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