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News Saban Center creates Iraqi Index

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    Iraq Index: Measures of Reconstruction and Security

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    Note of warning...

    I can't quite figure out how such an index can be truly non-partisan if it based on data from a pretty partisan source like the US government... which hardly has an unblemished record on these things.
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    Oh... great... This has got to be one of the worst ideas ever.
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    Another propaganda brick in the wall

    Yeh, thats a shocker. Its like having Kissinger look into 911 (what a joke!)
    I'd say this sort of index will more than likely be used by the companies rebuilding Iraq to falsely inflate their stock prices (not that they need any "manufactured" dressing-up for the normal capatilistic investor. The smart investor invests in the machines of war, after all its very profitable. What a scam. First destoy a nation (profiting from weapons used), then rebuild it (profit from the reconstruction).
    Its all so pathetic I can't believe anybody would believe a SINGLE WORD the US administration dribbles.
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    Poop. This is poop.

    Seriously, American info has been lousy throughout, how can any system based on it be unbiased?
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