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Sabbatical in India?

  1. Nov 29, 2005 #1
    Sabbatical in India???

    Because of my husband's studies (hinduism), we are planning on moving to India for 1-2 years after we graduate in May. I'm going to have my B.S., and I'd like to continue on for my Ph.D. I am 10 years out of high school, with an strong work background, although outside of academia.

    My question is what should I do with my time while I'm in India? I can take classes, although if we only go for one year, I won't end up with an additional degree. We could go for two years, so that I would be able to finish a degree, but I don't know if that will help me or hurt me. Any insight or suggestion would be greatly appreciated, particularly in regards to returning to the US after a few years abroad.
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