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Sabine ( Hossi ) Hossenfelder

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    Sabine ("Hossi") Hossenfelder

    this is Sabine Hossenfelder
    she just posted this on arxiv
    Self-consistency in Theories with a Minimal Length
    "The aim of this paper is to clarify the relation between three different approaches of theories with a minimal length scale: A modification of the Lorentz-group in the 'Deformed Special Relativity', theories with a 'Generalized Uncertainty Principle' and those with 'Modified Dispersion Relations'. It is shown that the first two are equivalent, how they can be translated into each other, and how the third can be obtained from them. Self-consistency requires that all three features be present to adequately describe the effects of a minimal length."
    She was at Frankfurt, then Arizona, now Santa Barbara. PhD was in 2003, now postdoc in UCSB Physics Department.

    She paints mostly oil but also acrylic and other media. Nudes, landscapes, different subjects. She writes verse---some is rhythmic, formal, with rhymes, which I tend to appreciate. Some is kind of popular lyrics as one gets from singersongwriters of her (b. 1976) generation. Some has an uninhibited irrepressible spirit. One wants to be careful with that.
    Imagine, someone still under-30 who does not have a blog!!!
    her CV and published research
    her research interests
    other photos:

    I don't know what to say. I think it is splendid that a smart enthusiastic young person at UCSB has found out about Doubly Special Relativity (DSR) and also Loop Quantum Gravity---so she is making citations to papers by Rovelli and Thiemann, Ashtekar, Lewandowski, Perez. Can't say what will come of it. Maybe she should drive over to UC Riverside and visit John Baez. It isnt all that far and its freeway all the way. My guess is Hossi drives a red Miata.
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    I am slightly irritated. Sat here wasting my work time with a new poem (instead of visiting the seminar) and was surprised what Google finds when I enter my own name! Thanks for the kind words :blushing:
    I hate to destroy your illusions but I am not driving a red miata. I actually had to Google that too to find out what UR talking about. I am driving a white Honda '89 as you see on the photo on my webpage.
    Nice forum by the way. Take care,
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    Hi Sabine, I really like that you write poetry. Please post one for us, or if you are too modest I will get one and post it.
    I like to translate poetry that rhymes in the original and try make it rhyme naturally in the translation too. So it helps that I happen to read German a little.

    It was wrong of me to suppose that you drive a red miata and I apologize but at least it is a little car that gets good gas mileage, like a Honda '89 probabably does. Best wishes.

    just as a sample of hossi poetry, here are two short lyrics from 1999. this is a teaser. if you like it look more up at her site:


    ----sample of two shorties by hossi---


    Was ich will? Das ist doch klar.
    Erstmal ordendlich in bar,
    Und aufs Konto auch noch fett,
    Das wär nett.

    Und als nächstes? Ja, da wäre
    Dann natürlich die Karriere,
    Ohne Stress so richtig steil
    Das wär geil.

    Selbstverständlich noch ein Typ,
    klug, charmant und hübsch und lieb,
    Der das tut, was ich sag,
    Das wär stark.

    Und wenn ich dann wär soweit,
    Bräuchte ich mal richtig Zeit,
    Zeit zum Denken und zum Checken,
    Und um endlich zu entdecken,
    Was ich will.


    Wolken ziehen mit dem Wind
    Berge bleiben wie sie sind
    Flüsse nehmen ihren Lauf
    Nachts geh'n noch die Sterne auf

    Tage kommen, Tage gehen
    Uhren ticken, statt zu stehen
    Winde weh'n und Regen fällt
    Kein Ruck stört den Lauf der Welt

    Sonnenstrahlen spenden Licht
    Doch es füllt die Leere nicht
    Noch immer dreht die Erde sich
    Ohne Dich

    ----end of sample---
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    hossi's German "fall" poems

    hossi has written some good poems in German on the dark/bitter themes of fall
    with a new poet that one just meets, one has to choose. there are too many to read at first. so I choose to focus on this group


    it happened with another woman poet that some of her best were the bitter/angry ones-----(that was Akhmatova, a great poet but no mathematician)----and so this guides me to look at this group instead of the group she calls "spring" and "summer" or the probably sad lonely ones she puts in the "winter" group

    so I look in hossi "fall" group and I am very pleased with the German ones---and I think that anyone who can write poetry with a definite voice if they are lucky enough to grow up speaking German then they should write as much in German as possible, to keep the language singing

    languages that stop being worked on by poets will gradually stop singing and may become stupid.

    so I am feeling cheerful reading hossi dark bitter German poems, and the angry ones which can also be the most amusing.

    it is a little moment of happiness between cups of coffee and stuff I have to do. thank you hossi if you get back here. fun website. I hope your car runs for a long time.
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    We should welcome you to PF. I'm a poetry fan myself, but alas, my German is not up to appreciating the art in that tongue.

    All the best
    Kea :smile: :smile:
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    You psychic or what? Here is what I wrote yesterday. I have not made up my mind whether to call it 'Fall' or 'One Careless Moment'


    I had gotten tired, or maybe just old,
    Had nowhere to go to and no one to hold,
    For one carless moment, I loosened my grip,
    I made a wrong step and time started to slip,
    One careless moment, just one that was all,
    Time slipped away and spring turned into fall.

    I tried to stay focused and not to look down,
    I could not stop thinking that I should have known,
    That things far below me would drop out of sight,
    And I could not tell what was wrong and what right,
    One careless moment, I lost my connection,
    Time slipped and left me without a direction.

    Well. You might guess that I am kind of stuck with my work at the moment :frown:

    Anyway, I find it really difficult to write poems in English. But admittedly, German is not a nice language, neither for singing nor for rhyming. Too many hard consonants.

    I would like to invite everyone to post some poems too... (not necessarily own ones)

    I think I need more coffee, maybe that helps :tongue2:

    Take Care,

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    hossi I am really shocked you would say this. German is just about my favorite language for poetry----LOVE the hard consonants. German is not like overcooked spaghetti.
    it is like really juicy and crunchy like sausage so you know when you bite something. you should be so happy you grew up with such a language and can write in it.
    and anyone who can write German with some distinction should do so, because that is the way a language lives

    Did anyone ever show you Renate Loll website?

    go here

    I greatly prefer the sexy picture of you sitting on your Honda to her presenting the Albert action figure but this is not about joke photographs, it is about quantum gravity

    if you select "publications" you will get a link to "The Universe from Scratch". have you read that paper by any chance?
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    I am sorry that you are sad. paradoxically if you want to do quantum gravity it could be that the US is not such a good place to be
    (even though Santa Barbara with nearby KITP would have seemed like heaven 5 years ago) because people in the US are so over-invested in string theory that there almost has to be a painful dying-off of part of that string effort.

    this is just my stupid idea, which I shouldnt tell you since I am ignorant of your real situation. but I think if you are interested in quantum gravity---quantum theory of spacetime (not some perturbative graviton jazz) then it might be better to look at what people are doing in other places-----Utrecht, AEI-Golm, Waterloo. not necessarily to GO there but to look at what they are doing and keep oriented by that instead of by local forces.

    BTW I am curious if you happen to have met John Baez since he is in your area (over at UC Riverside) and an acclaimed Kyoo-Gee guru and friend of Abhay Ashtekar and Renate Loll and the rest. If you have written a QG paper like the above about DSR and bumped into him on the street why wouldn't he give you his take on the situation?

    He just gave a QG overview talk at Loops '05 conference
    and posted it at his website.
    Don't know if you were at that conference or checked the program out.

    my first impression of you is you are a really great person and so I think you will not be sad long, but will find the idea you need and will go shooting off in the right direction. whatever that is.

    BTW thanks for writing that paper about DSR. there does need some mathematical work to put all that in order.
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    Thank you so much! I can only conclude that your German poetry is of the highest calibre.

    From Mephistopheles in Goethe's Faust in English translation:
    Listen to me, who have through aeons flown,
    And chewed this barren food from year to year:
    No mortal, from the cradle to the bier,
    Digests the bitter dough; a god alone
    Can hold this sense of oneness. In a blaze
    Of lasting light he sees a whole serene,
    But as he leads in chequered, darkened ways,
    While yours are broken days
    With night between.

    All be thankful that I refrain from posting my own verse.
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    Whether by intent or not, Kea has caught Mephistopheles warning of the frustrating difficulty perceiving the quantum law of gravity.

    O glaube mir, der manche tausend Jahre
    An dieser harten Speise kaut,
    Dass von der Wiege bis zur Bahre
    Kein Mensch den alten Sauerteig verdaut!
    Glaub’ unser einem, dieses Ganze
    Ist nur für einen Gott gemacht!
    Er findet sich in einem ew’gen Glanze,
    Uns hat er in die Finsternis gebracht,
    Und euch taugt einzig Tag und Nacht.

    only God gets to see the whole Law.
    the fallen angels Mephistopheles et al are in total darkness (like some theorists we know) and humans have sporadic flashes of insight like daylight separated by dark---never quite enough time to grasp the whole picture.

    Faust Part I, Scene 4
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    I think these are the only things close to poetry i have written...

    nothing is perfect
    in the space where nothing exists
    will one find perfection
    the perfect nothing


    Imagine, if you will bubbles...
    expanding as they float around
    bumping into other bubbles
    and inside of these bubbles
    is another bubble expanding
    and so on...
    ...and if all these bubbles
    made a musical note,
    as they bumped and merged
    and expanded,
    they created chords and melodies
    and so on...

    ...this is a grafik i did for a screenprinted shirt trying to fake a japanese aesthetic and reminiscent of autumn
    http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/1216/japneasy1bz.jpg [Broken]
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  14. Nov 3, 2005 #13

    hi dubmugga, I like the bubbles. makes me think of a talk I heard last week by Bjorken. Pretty weird though. As he said that stuff is 'tenure only'.

    The Classification of Universes
    James D. Bjorken

    Marcus, I did not put up the photo yesterday. It has been there since more than a month (so has the so-called quotation of the week). I am not sure which way you came across my homepage, but apparently not the way you should have. unfortunately, I had to replace the nice licence plate with a
    californa one since the photo was taken.

    I have never meet Baez, or at least not that I know of. I dont think I would recognize him. I think I probably would not recognize Madonna if I would met her. I absolutely loved his book 'Gauge Fields, Knots and Gravity'.

    I would have liked to go to the Loops '05, just that buying the flight ticket would have meant that I had to sell my car.

    Besides this, I have to agree that the US is probably not the best place to be for QG. However, I think that sometime in the near future even the NSF will come to realize that string theory is over-supported whereas alternatives are under-supported. Might take some more decades. Anyway, SB is a very inspiring place to be not only for the stringy folks. And the beach is nice.

    I found the article by Lee Smolin in Physics Today (I think it was the December issue) so great that I cut it out and hung it over my desk:

    http://www.physicstoday.org/vol-58/iss-6/pdf/vol58no6p56_57.pdf [Broken]

    I think it perfectly pins down the situation.

    By the way, I solved the problem that I had yesterday. The solution is n=3. As things are, the interpretation of this causes more headache and needs more coffee...

    Take Care,

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    this is a mensch
    we can use more like you hossi
    mach's gut
  16. Nov 3, 2005 #15
    physics, poems, or photos?


    interesting thread, and exciting physics, indeed - DSR and all that!

    However, I'm a little puzzled that you place so much emphasis on the more personal side of Sabine, the poems, the car, the fotos. Don't get me wrong: it is great to see that her mind is not restrained to juggling around with equations and abstract mathematical and physical concepts, and that she is obviously a really creative person. But the way you talk about her sounds, to my ears, a little bit to patronizing, and even sexist.. I mean, would you talk the same way about a young male physicist? OK, you've got a point: physics could only profit if there were more young women like her in the field...

    By the way, and to shift focus back to physics: Did you note on the publication list the stuff about large extra dimensions Sabine has been working on before? Black holes at the LHC and such things - really cool stuff! And did you see that paper "What black holes can teach us?" I've read into it a little bit: There are really great explanations, and I think that she is very successful making clear the concepts, not blinding her readers with lots of formalism...

    But thanks to point out Dr. Hossenfelder and her work to me!

    And Sabine: All the best for your future work and life!
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    the way you talk to me sounds to my ears a bit patronizing and sexist.

    however the way I talk to hossi, and about hossi, does not to my ears sound patronizing and sexist.

    however it does to YOU! :smile:

    so I guess we each have different ears and we have to live with the ears we have.


    if you like my profile of hossi, look around for my profiles of other researchers in QG-----with many men and women scientists I have dug up photographs and kept track of gossip and tried to bring out something of the personality as well as the research. I try to do it kindly with a light touch and it personalizes science.

    If you have a favorite researcher in QG (doesnt matter man or woman, that's irrelevant) why dont you suggest to me that person and I will see what my reactions are. If I dont like them I wont say anything. If I like them and think their work is interesting, then I will.
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  18. Nov 4, 2005 #17
    let me entertain you

    Well, to generalize the issue - it is sometimes really disturbing to me how fast people can be judged by their appearance. Since I graduated among nuclear physicists in Germany - usually male, in their 60ies - let me tell you it can be difficult. Imagine you try to work professionally but no matter what you do, you are the 'schoenes maedchen' (pretty girl) with the cute nose and nobody even listens to what you say. You just get a smile and a pad on the head.

    It is MUCH better in the US. Really!

    Still, I find it sometimes hard to be taken serios.
    That is not necessarily a problem of being female but one of being young.
    I wish the whole business would be more professional.

    Its not so much about what you do, it is how you sell yourself. It is who you know, who knows you, it is
    where you come from, if your talks are witty, your smalltalk appropriate and your presence entertaining.

    So. To summarize, I am corious myself about what physicists do when they dont do physics, and - to be honest - the personal side is sometimes just more interesting. But I do understand milou's concern and I appreciate his/hers posting.

    Take Care,

  19. Nov 4, 2005 #18


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    Dear hossi

    How true. When I was younger I was naive enough to think the world might change for me, as all the hype promised! But now I'm much more realistic ... I'd give it another 100 years at least ... assuming we don't start going backwards.

    Kea :smile:
  20. Nov 4, 2005 #19
    Same is true for the other end of the spectrum. Who is listening to ein alten hässlichen Bursche?
  21. Nov 4, 2005 #20
    hey hossi...

    ...what isn't weird really isn't that interesting then

    thanks for the link, that's kinda what I been thinking for ages, bubbles in a foam at the micro and macro scales...

    ...leaking blackholes as a means of maintaining equilibrium and stability of a universe or an atom and living in the membrane

    btw what does "tenure only " mean ???

    and are you suggesting it would help your career if you were old, ugly and male with a big bulbous nose from too much drinking and talking sh!t at the same time ??? :surprised
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