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Saccuan's Conjecture:Solving polynomial equations

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    The properties of the roots of a polynomial have been the subject of several studies. Let

    anxn + an-1xn-1 + ... + a2x2 + a1x + a0=f(x), Where the roots of a polynomial are arrange from lowest to highest r1<=r2...<=rnth. And then the list of the all roots of polynomial f(x) can be express in to new polynomial, let say g(x)= (1st,r1),(2nd,r2)...(nth,rnth). Practical application: If you find one of the roots of polynomial therefore the remaining roots f(x) it can be solve. Example:f(x)=(x-3)(x-5) then r1=3,r2=5 now when x=1,g(x)=3 and x=2,g(x)=5.Therefore g(x)=2x+1. If you want to continue my idea just put my name as your reference thank you. Find the general equation of g(x) where f(x)=0. http://www.wolfram.com/technology/guide/GigaNumerics/
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