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Sad News For Jazz Fans

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    For those who don't know him, Maynard was one of the best. He was, without a doubt, the most influential jazz trumpet player on the planet for many years. My jazz band had the opportunity to open for his big band on a couple of occasions when I was in school. I don't think you'll find a jazz trumpet player out there that would not list him as an influence. I have well over 25 of his albums. I guess it's the big Birdland in the sky now.

    I'm kinda bummed out now :grumpy:

    To quote someone from MF's forums: "Gabriel is now playing second."
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    More than Louis Armstrong or Miles Davis?

    I don't know, alot of white musicians in the 20's stole their work from black artists or flat out bought it from them. I don't know Maynards story though. Did he come up with his own stuff or not?
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    Maynard was definitely one of a kind. There is no way that anyone could mistake his sound or style. He started playing 4th with Stan Kenton's orchestra and made his way up through the ranks. His big bands were incredible. It's my personal opinion, but I would say he was an equal in influence to Miles and more of an influence than Armstrong.
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    'Tis sad. He was definitely one of the best, and certainly one of the most influential. I'd put him up there with Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie, and how about Al Hirt.
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    they only called him "master of the stratosphere". i myself am playing trumpet in school band, and he's been quite an influence. so long.
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    My roommate in college had many of his albums. His playing style was certainly unique and exiciting. Listening to a few of his tunes could easily get you pumped before exams.
    We played several of his arrangements in jazz band: Stoney End, MacArthur Park, Cameleon, Hey Jude are a few that come to mind. I was lucky to have caught him live at the Newport Jazz Festival a couple of occasions. He will certainly be missed, fortunately we may continue to enjoy his legacy!!
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    I played jazz trumpet in junior high (a shockingly good band for junior high) and he was one of my favorites. He played a concert at my high school a couple of years later and it was awesome.

    Driving home from Philly tonight, I played a tribute on my ipod:

    -Coconut Champagne
    -Gonna Fly Now
    -The Fox Hunt
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    Reading about how many people's High Schools he went to, he seems like a good guy in touch with the everday people. Good for him.
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