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    the southern african developing countries have made a free trade agreement. my question is how can we ensure that this agreement benefits the people in the fight against poverty. this is the topic of an essay that i have to do, any help would be very appreciated.
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    That is not a simple proposition to prove.

    One would have to know about the various channels of flow of money, goods and services, and only over a period of time would it be possible to demonstrate whether or not the economic activity based upon a free trade agreement does indeed lead to (or coincide with) an improved standard of living (SOL). Then one has to ask if specific economic activities/trends are actually due to the free trade agreement or not, and whether they are responsible for any improvement in SOL.

    In general, trade is considered beneficial and necessary for acheiving a good SOL. By virtue of trade, one has access to goods or services not available in a local economy. At the same time, impoverished areas may or may not have the resources to realize any benefit of enhanced trade.
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