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News Saddam alive

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    Who has heard that Saddam appeared on Iraqi television together with his second son and the minister of defense? In the afternoon of 3-21.

    The reason that Bush started his shock 'n awe attack? The BBC and CNN don't mention anything on the appearance, but the Telegraaf and Volkskrant (dutch papers) do.
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    Yes Monique he was on TV. He mentions the attack on date of the 20 March. He was ID positively. It could have been prerecorded with a number of dates. There is also some intell on him possibly being wounded
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    This reflects How faulty The US And UK media Is .
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    For your information Zargawee it wasn't because it is faulty. They had it on the news because someone claimed to be saddam when it isn't sure that it is him (in short terms they dont know if it was him)

    They had it on the news to show that it was possible.

    But I'm gonna chnage the topic a little.

    Today they confirmed that saddam and his sons were in one of the building that was hit in the shock and awe. Keeping an eye on the building they saw that many people were rushing medical supplies to it and some people saw who they believe was saddam on a stretcher. Interesting isn't it.
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    Zargawee, this shows how open and democratic the western media is. It is not controlled by a dictator and likes to speculate. I hope we never have a state-controlled media with only one version of the truth.
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