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Saddam no more?

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    It was suggested to me that as of a few minutes ago Saddam Hussein is no longer in Iraq or anywhere else on this globe. Unfortunately the person who IM'd me is offline now. Anyone hear anything?
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    Many media outlets are reporting tonight that Saddam and his sons may have been killed in a recent strike. An email from a reader: MSNBC is reporting Saddam and his sons killed in a B-2 bomb strike in residential Baghdad. Four bunker buster bombs dropped as a result of "good intelligence."

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    Right after I posted I recieved this CCN Breaking News

    -- "U.S. officials tell CNN there was a "leadership strike" in Baghdad with a large amount of ordnance hitting a residence where Saddam Hussein may have been. Condition of Saddam is unknown."

    I guess we will wait and see.
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    Wow this is some real news for once (hopefully). The bad thing is saddam and bin laden will always survive symbolicly.
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    I'd hold off on the celebrating...when you have 24 hours of news to fill, you might not bother to confirm before reporting.
  7. Apr 8, 2003 #6
    I just got an IM from Saddam, he said he wanted my mp3's. Saddam is safe and sound in a nuclear proof bunker.
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    Didn't you see the vedio Saddam appears in buying Juice from one of the public stores ?
    It's clear that the vedio is new , becuase the smoke was clearly appeared in the sky of that place .
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    I stand by my opinion that Saddam is long gone.
    The video guy is probably one of his lookalikes. Hell, he's got so many lookalikes that even if we kill him, we won't know.

    How do we know what the real Saddam looks like anyway? For all we know, all our past pictures could be lookalikes. Do we actually know what he really looks like?

    Hmm, I forsee the war in Iraq degenerating into a giant game of "Where's Wally?"
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    After the death of the Russian Czar known as Ivan the Terrible, his son and heir, Dmitri, disappeared. For decades afterwards, there were revolts based based around a new "False Dmitri". I hope we don't have a new look-a-like rising up every few years claiming to be Saddam and leading fanatics in attempted coups.

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    What was that old saying;
    Alive and well, living in Argentina.

    If he had any sense I think he would have pulled a Bin Laden by this time and gotten out of the country. I'm not sure if he is alive or dead and it might be that there will never be any finality to his state of existence. Perhaps it will be stated that he is suspected of living in the next country on the hit list…
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    So are there going to be cheap movies in the future about saving Saddam's brain, or cloning him?

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    Hahaha, I hadn't even thought of that but yes, I bet there will.
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