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News Saddam’s Book

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    I bought two books yesterday for 50cents each. One is “On Current Affairs” by Saddam Hussein (Published by Al-Thawra Publications, Baghdad-Iraq, 1974). The book is printed in English. For a supposed lunatic-despot he’s got some remarkable things to say. You guys be the judge…

    From Chapter 4, entitled “Predictions”, in the Book:
    Q. Are there any specific states giving support and weapons to Al Barazani?
    Saddam: “The US can supply arms, but those who are wiling (sic) to carry American weapons are few. We are not afraid of weapons but we are concerned about the clarity between the aimer and the target. We are concerned to remove any “dunes” which may obstruct the view of the aimer from the real target so that he may not hit another target.”
    and; (from the same Chapter)
    Saddam: “We emphasize that there are no military operations at present, as alleged by Western information media, or more precisely by antagonistic and misleading media, since Western media include some people who are trying to seek the truth, while enemy and misleading media transmit incorrect news.”
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    The Palestinian Issue

    Q. What are your concepts as regards the question of peace between the Arabs and Israel?
    Saddam: “The war of June 5, 1967, had been an effect not a cause. The problem therefore, started before that date. What then is the problem? Here, we would ask the whole world to answer this question, clearly. We demand that the answer be related to right human principles in general and the right of nations to self-determination. The root of the problem, we believe, lies in the fact that there were people living securely on their land, a people coexisting with their different religions. These people were driven out of their homeland and were replaced by others emigrating from Japan, the U.S.A., the Soviet Union and every other place. They come and gather in this land at the expense of a people who were rendered homeless and living in the open air. This is the root of the problem. This is the essence of the basic political differences between what is being posed by Iraq and by many others. Arabs or non-Arabs. Hence, the 5th of June and 6th of October, are effects not causes. Why? Let us find out. Solutions could be reached if the causes are pointed out courageously and impartially. We therefore believe that all subsequent plans are not dealing with the causes. Rather, effects associated with causes are dealt with, while the causes themselves are being neglected. In consequence, all these solutions will certainly be temporary, and will continue to be inconsistent with justice and fairness.”
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    Oil and the Battle
    Q. With regard to the Arab Gulf – and Iraq is a gulf state – there have been attempts for laying down the basis for federation or Arab gulf coordination to encounter future dangers following the emergence of the energy crisis. What is the position of Iraq in this regard and will it take part in this coordination? Has it offered any proposals?
    Saddam: “We told them that we would be the first to put it into effect in Iraq, and thus make us the “Fedayeen”. We explained that the slogan stipulates that oil states which are capable of nationalization, should nationalize US interests, and threaten to nationalize the interests of any state that would adopt a stand similar to that of the US. Nationalized oil should not be sold to the same quarters, but to other companies and countries, so as to benefit the world from it and to strengthen Arab policy in the field of foreign relations. As for those Arab states which are incapable of nationalization, they should effectively cut off oil supplies to the US and to any state adopting a stand similar to that of the US.”
    Saddam: “As stated, this was our policy: some would cut off oil supplies to the US and others would nationalize. A decision was taken at the conference held in Kuwait, to cut oil production by 5% as a start, that is 15% of total production. The percentage was increased as the war continued. If the war had continued for two months, many concepts and other matters would have changed in the Arab homeland. We do not support the suspension of oil production in general. Why should we discontinue oil supplies to non-hostile, European states?”

    An important note about the above quotes:
    The words of Saddam reproduced above are text of responses he made to Arab journalists during the April 8 1974, 27th Anniversary celebrations of the establishment of the A.B.S.P. That’s right, he answered these during a press conference (in the book they call press conferences “debates”. US journalists should take note.) Remember that these words were spoken 30 odd years ago. I wonder how Bush would go in a press conference against Saddam today?
    I’m going to put this particular book right next to “Race, Conflict and the International Order (From Empire to United Nations)” by Hugh Tinker, and classify it as one of the most definitive insights into Middle East politics published in English. I also bought Muammar Al Qathafi’s book (a.k.a. Colonel Gadaffi), “The Green Book”. I’ll read that tonight.
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