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Saddest songs you've heard

  1. Apr 22, 2013 #1
    1. The knowing by the weeknd

    2.A-team by ed sheer

    The knowing by the weeknd is just an incredibly sad song with the music and the tone of his voice like he is hurting

    A-team by ed sheeran just makes me wanna cry if possible listen to the song without music or look up the lyrics
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    "A-Team." I suppose that's not be confused with this:

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    if you slow down the theme song you can very lightly hear a deep song about life and love
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    song cry- jay z
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    For reasons that I'm not going to elaborate upon unless goaded into it—"Three Little Fishies". :redface:
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    Heard this song thirty years ago and never forgot it. Only last year did I identify the singer. It's about Gallipoli and the aftermath.

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    Joy Division - New Dawn Fades
    The Cure - Pictures Of You
    James Taylor - Fire And Rain
    Ryan Adams - I Taught Myself How To Grow Old
    Pink Floyd - Goodbye Cruel World
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    Bear in mind, though, that it's a remake. The original was by Eric Bogle, a Scottish-born Aussie, and refers specifically to an Aussie soldier. Joan Baez did a great job, but that wasn't the first release of the song.
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    How about this one?

    I even found a version with a nice depressing video for your enjoyment:redface:


    How's that for a spirit lifter?:cry:
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    Gets me every time :cry:
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    You can probably put the entire "the wall" here.
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    Since I'm descended from Robert the Bruce, I have a love of bagpipes that has to be genetic (there can't be any other reason to tolerate the damned things). So as much as I hate religious crap, I have to put "Amazing Grace" in the sad category because I'm a Legionnaire and it has been played at every military, police, or firefighter funeral that I've attended.
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    (all with lyrics to underscore the theme)







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    Curious, this isn't an endurance test. :tongue:
    I didn't listen to any of your links, because I'm just not in the mood to spend that much time on any one subject right now. I will say that "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" has something of a sad message, but with the aforementioned aspect of me belonging to the Legion I find it inspirational, along the same line as "In Flanders Fields". "Vincent", likewise, because it is an examination of the beauty that was his madness. (And why doesn't anyone acknowledge that he was murdered? He was shot in the chest, no gun was ever found, and they recorded it as a suicide. :rolleyes:)
    I've always detested any sappy teen angst songs such as "Tell Laura I Love Her" or "The Last Kiss". There is only one good teen angst song, which I love: "Paradise By the Dashboard Light".
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    I've most often heard the version by The Pogues (Irish) that jbunniii linked to recently in a thread about better versions of songs.
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