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Safe flea powder?

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    I'm making a flea powder for my Golden Retriever and hope to find a 'food grade' inert that will disable fleas but not hurt my dog if he licks it off his fur.

    Potassium sorbate
    Corn gluten meal
    Putrescent whole egg solids
    Corn oil
    Sesame (includes ground sesame plant)
    Sodium lauryl sulfate
    White pepper
    Lauryl sulfate

    Are all these powders (as opposed to oil or liquid)?
    Are any 'granular' (like salt as opposed to baking soda)?
    Are any destructive or poisonous to insects?

    Thank you,

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    It seems that you are basing your experimental powder on an existing labeled product and want to retro engineer it. While in grad school, I was witness to some high schoolers that my advisor had agreed to have us help with science fair ideas. One of the ideas used a video camera and T-maze to gather data on repellency of components extracted from natural sources towards some type of bug. Our contribution was to show them some simple TLC and chromatography that could allow them to isolate bands of the active component(s).

    I can recognize that a few of these in your list would have been present in the extracts they had found some promise. I would guess that experimenting with fleas would be a bit difficult, but I recall that they can be attracted to traps by certain color of light, so the T maze could collect data for a repellent that could overcome attractive light.

    You have to ask yourself though; if the repellent works, where do the fleas go? It can be no fun if you are the item they choose to dine on, and they inhabit your carpet and sofa!
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