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Safe levels of Gauss

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    All the articles and books I have read conflict with one another in safe levels of Gauss. I understand the Human limit is 2000 Gauss. Does anyone know what levels of Gauss are acceptable for everyday exposure? As I said, all reports I have read conflict one another.
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    Andrew Mason

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    The reason there is no consensus as to what level of electromagnetic field is safe is because there is really no evidence that em fields are a danger to human health.

    Although all biological processes are complex, there is every reason to be very skeptical that low energy em fields cause any biological effects. In order to have a biological effect, an em field, at a very minimum must be able to break a hydrogen bond. Compare the bonding energy of a hydrodgen bond to the energy of a photon radiating from a powerline, for example. The heat energy in a cell, which is essential in order for biological processes to operate, produces much higher energy photons.

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    I have found the same thing, I have not found two sources that say the same thing as far as what is safe. My cell phone puts out 98.2G (using a LakeShore 410 Gaussmeter).
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    Biological studies by Stick and Hinkelmann of the effects of static magnetic fields have found that magnetic fields up to 1 Tesla (10,000 Gauss) have no effect on tissue, blood flow, etc. One Tesla is huge. You only get magnetic fields like that in special medical machines (MRI) or in special laboratories specifically designed to create fields that strong. If you ever find yourself near such things, you are briefed on the potential risks of strong magnetic fields. Although most biological tissue is diamagnetic, the response is so weak that everyday magnetic fields, such as from a cell phone, loud speakers, or fridge magnets are far to weak to have any effect.
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