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Safest file sharing program

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    I'm aware that there having already been threads on which is the best P2P file sharing program to download. But the threads I've search only ask one of my questions and most of the threads are only 2 years old , so things may have change. Whats the safest file sharing program to download?
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    I would assume that the safest file sharing program would be one that does not transfer any data, this would minimise the temperature that your computer components would reach and so you would be less likely to burn yourself. However, this doesn't prevent many of the risks of using a computer. It's best if you also refrain from using mains power and purchase a case with no sharp edges.

    How do you mean safe?
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    Do you mean like Limewire, that P2P stuff. or like torrents? Because if you mean Limewire, stop thinking about that stuff and use torrents. Much better IMO.
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    I mean file sharing programs with absolutely no malware or adware
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    Well in that case, you're better off sticking with torrents and use a reputable torrent client such a utorrent - pronounced micro torrent.
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    Is a file sharing program like BitTorrent 6.0 Beta very reputable
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    I don't know. I can only speak for azureus and utorrent. Given the choice over any torrent client, I'd choose utorrent.

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    Didn't [itex]\mu[/itex]- and bittorrent join forces somehow a while ago (although naturally at least were completely different "animals")? I think performance and lightness -wise utorrent for one rocks. Would just make sure download from an authenticated source.
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    BitTorrent is written by the inventor of the protocol, another choice is the Opera web browser, it has torrent support builtin.
    Of course neither of these are open source so you cannot check the code yourself.
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    No P2P networks have "absolutely no malware or adware."

    - Warren
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    Yes, of course you have to be careful of what you download.
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