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Medical Safety harness question

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    I was on a 'Working at Height' course and at the end of the course they deemed it necessary to suspend us from a harness so we would know what it would feel like to be suspended from a harness. This caused me to get a sore back which I reported to my supervisor the next day. I carried on working with this sore back for another 11 weeks thinking it would be better if i kept it moving. It eventually got so sore that i got referred to a Chiropractor who diagnosed a twisted pelvis. My work (big oil company) say because i worked for 11 weeks then took time off are not classing it as a work related accident and they don't think it was caused by the safety harness. They also said that i could have been up to anything in that 11 weeks which could have caused my sore back.
    My question is that how much force is going through my pelvis (i weigh 107kg) and would this cause it to twist. I'm assuming you are familiar with safety harnesses. I can't think of anything i did in that 11 weeks which would have caused a twisted pelvis. Apart from a car accident what else can cause a twisted pelvis? I am 99% positive it was the harness that caused it because i felt unbalanced when i walked i.e i felt something was out of line. At first I had no intention of claiming compensation but i am so angry because it's like they're saying i am dishonest. So now i might go ahead and claim. I hope this kind of question is ok to ask on this forum.

    Thank you
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    First of all, I'd recommend seeing a real doctor, not a chiropractor if you think you have a legitimate injury. "Twisted pelvis" sounds like chiropractor quackery. There's nothing about a safety harness, per se, that should cause injury...it's just like hanging from a swing. If you were already predisposed to some sort of injury, maybe. But, again, you'd need a real doctor to diagnose that. This is within the specialty area of orthopedists.
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