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Sagittarius A*

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    So I have a question about Sagittarius A*, which more and more astrophysicists are certain is a supermassive Black Hole. But now for the evidence part:

    1. An alternative model for this object was proposed in this paper published 4 years ago. So is there any observational evidence to support this? Like detection of dipole radiation of evidence of an internally generated magnetic field(magnetic moment)?

    2. In terms of the redshift near Sagittarius A* measured by VLBI(google Event Horizon Telescope for futher details), have actual measurements been made that suggest that there is infinite redshift which indicates the presence of an event horizon beyond a resonable doubt?
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    The event horizon telescope have early results, but the seem to be busy adding VLBI stations at the moment (that's what they put on their homepage anyway).
    Here is an oldish lecture about it:
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