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Saint venant principle

  1. Feb 19, 2010 #1
    hi all

    I wonder about the meaning of the phenomenon of physics

    "saint venant principle"

    Can you help me؟

    I will explain to you
    For example, Newton's laws
    Name is the physical laws of gravity
    I hope to help me to find that
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    Hi hassanthebest, welcome to PF. Saint-Venant's principle says that the stress and strain in an object are insensitive to the geometry of the load, as long as the load is sufficiently far away. An example: consider a long rod with an axial load applied at the ends. Far away from the ends, the stress will be F/A and the strain F/AE whether the load at either end is a single point force F or a distributed load with total magnitude F, or some combination of point and distributed loads whose total force is F.

    The principle is handy for simplifying complicated loading conditions in cases where they won't affect the results. Does this make sense?
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